Lightness of Being Service Celebrating Blakely Page’s Journey in Wayne, PA

Celebrating Blakely Page’s Journey in Wayne, PA

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Wayne, PA, is a charming village found in Delaware Region, Pennsylvania, with an array of stories and legends attached to it. A great story is about Blakely Page – a ancient physique having kept an enduring legacy in the city. From his donation to the town’s structure to his entrepreneurial spirit, there’s a whole lot to discover about Blakely Page. With this post, we’ll be investigating his lifestyle and legacy.

Blakely Page Wayne PA was created on July 16, 1809, in Salisbury, Connecticut. He was the kid of Ely and Lucy (Blakely) Page, with his fantastic loved ones transferred to Wayne when Blakely was still fresh. Blakely Page was a popular business owner inside the town, with his fantastic efforts experienced a tremendous influence on the area’s infrastructure. Blakely inherited his father’s sawmill, and he utilized his entrepreneurial skills and ingenuity to grow his enterprise projects.

Blakely Page had also been involved in developing Wayne’s first transportation method. He constructed railroads that contributed to linking the area to Philadelphia, starting prospects for organization expansion and making employment opportunities in the region. Blakely’s impact on the town’s system has added significantly for the town’s prosperity, and the man remains to be a significant body in Wayne’s background.

Blakely Page’s entrepreneurial abilities were not confined to the transport and structure jobs he also contributed to the town’s agricultural growth. Blakely was actually a important buyer in a few farms that utilized innovative tactics, such as setting up windmills to pump drinking water. He had also been involved in setting up the Delaware State Agricultural Community, which marketed impressive farming tactics.

Blakely Page was a philanthropist who place his riches and solutions towards helping the community. In 1854, he founded the Page Education Fund, which aimed at helping teenagers having a wish for expertise and delivering an opportunity for training to underprivileged young children. As a result of Blakely Page’s large donation, the fund managed to build structures within the town for educative uses, like the Page Hall, which was the primary centre for instructional actions in the village.


The legacy of Blakely Page lives on, with his fantastic contributions to Wayne can nevertheless be viewed these days. From your town’s carry, structure, and gardening improvement on the training field, Blakely’s entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropy has had a serious effect on the town. The next time you’re discovering Wayne, take the time to appreciate the contributions on this town’s tale.

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