Lightness of Being General Explore MPO Wonders: MU138 by Maxwin Every Day

Explore MPO Wonders: MU138 by Maxwin Every Day

Explore MPO Wonders: MU138 by Maxwin Every Day post thumbnail image

Maxwin’s MPO packages have already been a favorite selection amongst drummers since their intro within the 1980s. The MPO (Maxwin Potential Alternative) series was made for an affordable option to the high-end drum sets accessible during those times. The fishing line was stopped in 1990, making individuals who own one of these products using a prize. Among the MPO kits, the mu 138 design has acquired enormous reputation due to its well balanced sound, toughness, and price. With this article, we will discover Maxwin’s MU138 MPO drum package as well as its functions.

The Maxwin MU138 MPO drum set includes a 22-” bass drum, 16-inches flooring tom, 13-in . holder tom, along with a complementing snare drum. The seashells are made from a seven-ply wooden shell with a gorgeous sparkled sterling silver finish. The kit’s computer hardware is durable, with good-high quality steel lugs and black colored stainless hoops, which makes it simple to tune and look after.

One of the more stunning options that come with the MU138 is its healthy noise. The bass drum creates a hot thud, as the snare drum carries a snappy and distinct seem. The rack tom creates a vibrant, punchy seem, and the floor tom has a deep, resonant sculpt. This makes it ideal for any style of tunes from rock to jazz music, metal to blues.

Yet another crucial characteristic from the MU138 is its cost. In comparison to other high-finish drum systems in the market, this system is considered a bargain. Although the kit’s price is not going to give up its longevity or sound quality. This is basically the excellent harmony between charge and functionality.

The MU138’s compatibility with assorted drumheads and cymbals contributes to its versatility. The system incorporates regular drumheads, which is often substituted with any other brand’s drumheads for any custom-made audio. It’s also compatible with any sort or measurements of cymbals that drummers may want to use. It is then simple for drummers to change up their noise to match a particular category or flavor.


The Maxwin MU138 MPO drum system is a wonderful selection for drummers searching for a healthy sound, sturdiness, price, and overall flexibility. It is actually a perfect combination of these characteristics and is also a common option for many drummers. With its special sparkled silver finish off and high-good quality components, the MU138 is an eye-capturing accessory for any drummer’s setup. If you’ve been thinking about acquiring a higher-quality drum package without breaking the bank, the Maxwin MU138 MPO drum set is undoubtedly an option you should look at. Make the most from your drumming periods with this particular treasure.


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