Lightness of Being General How EEG Technology Can Aid Your Home Healthcare: Evoke Neuroscience

How EEG Technology Can Aid Your Home Healthcare: Evoke Neuroscience

How EEG Technology Can Aid Your Home Healthcare: Evoke Neuroscience post thumbnail image

EEG technology has been used in clinical settings for years, but it’s only recently becoming available to consumers. The devices are portable, easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Evoke Neuroscience Plus, they can help monitor the health of people with epilepsy, sleep disorders and other medical conditions that affect brain activity.

Can Help Patients With Epilepsy And Sleep Disorders

EEG monitors are not just for diagnosing epilepsy and sleep disorders. They can also help patients who suffer from these conditions by helping to detect seizures, locate their origin, and prevent them from happening in the first place.

EEG technology is used in hospitals around the world as a diagnostic tool for monitoring brain activity during surgery or other procedures that require anesthesia. It’s also used in doctors’ offices to identify and treat patients who may have seizures or sleep disorders such as narcolepsy or parasomnia (abnormal behaviors).

EEGs are often used to monitor babies with severe neurological problems because they cannot communicate verbally yet; this allows doctors to diagnose any issues early on so they can begin treatment right away–and hopefully avoid future complications later on in life when those children grow up!

Can Help Keep Track Of Disease Progression And Recovery

The Evoke Neuroscience can help keep track of disease progression and recovery. EEGs are also used to monitor the effects of medications, therapies, or other interventions on brain function. This monitoring can help determine whether a patient is a good candidate for surgery or another procedure.

Can Alert Caregivers When A Patient Is In Danger Of Falling

A common problem for elderly people is that they may fall and injure themselves, which can lead to hospitalization, or even death.

An EEG device will monitor their brain activity, alerting caregivers if something is wrong and prompting them to help the patient before any serious harm occurs. This technology has already been used successfully at home care facilities; however, it’s still being developed for use outside of healthcare settings (in other words: your own home).

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