Lightness of Being Service The Art of Sauna Bathing in a Traditional Sauna

The Art of Sauna Bathing in a Traditional Sauna

The Art of Sauna Bathing in a Traditional Sauna post thumbnail image

Saunas have been enjoyed for centuries, and for good reason. In addition to providing a place to relax and unwind, they offer numerous health benefits like detoxification, improved blood circulation, and stress relief. One of the main factors that contribute to these benefits is the material that the sauna is made of. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most common traditional sauna materials and their benefits.

Cedar – Cedar is one of the most popular materials for traditional saunas, primarily due to its aroma and natural resistance to decay. The cedar oil found in the wood releases when heated and this can help to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and provide relaxation. Moreover, the wood’s natural resistance to moisture makes it ideal for hot and dry sauna environments.

Hemlock – Hemlock is another type of wood that is used to build traditional saunas. Like cedar, hemlock is resistant to rot, and its straight grain and fine texture make it perfect for a high-end appearance. Hemlock also has antibacterial properties that help to keep the sauna environment clean and safe. Some scientific studies have even shown that sitting in a hemlock sauna can help to alleviate symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.

Redwood – Redwood is another common wood used for traditional saunas. It’s a beautiful, rich-colored, and naturally durable wood that makes for a cozy and inviting sauna experience. Redwood contains natural oils that help to prevent decay and insect infestation, and also reduces inflammation, and promotes relaxation, similar to how cedar sauna wood works.

Stone – When it comes to the construction of traditional saunas, stone is often used as a material for the walls and floor. As the stones heat up, they radiate heat throughout the sauna, providing even heating that lasts longer than wood. The increased heat and humidity produced from the hot stones can help improve circulation and release toxins, making it a popular material choice.

Bricks – Like stone, brick saunas are another option that provides excellent insulation. They are durable and capable of withstanding frequent use, making them a popular choice for commercial saunas. A brick sauna can be the perfect relaxation getaway you need after a stressful day or week. It invigorates and rejuvenates your body by boosting circulation and sweating toxins out of the body.

Overall, traditional saunas can provide a perfect escape from daily life. Cedar, hemlock, redwood, stone, and brick are just some of the materials that can be used to construct them, each with their own unique benefits and beauty. By providing a holistic experience for both the mind and body, saunas offer numerous health benefits, and the materials used play a big role in this. Invest in your health and build a traditional sauna today using one of these natural and beautiful materials. It’s a great way to rejuvenate and pamper yourself.


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